The argonauts (Time Travelers) are characters which represented timeless beings. These figures are completely hand-made with extreme care and can only be purchased in limited editions. The argonauts are available in two distinctive form:
full argonauts: These figures are build on to a base of fine hardwood or reinforced concret. Their bodies are contructed of metal and dressed impeccably whith linens. high quality leather and silk. Their faces and heads are individually painted by hand and are composed of a synthetic marble made of powdered quartz and resin.
argonauts bust: These figures are similar to the full Argonaut but feature only the head and chest. Each bust is individually painted by hand. These figures stand upon a base of hardwood or reinforced concret, held aloft by a bronzer support.

Los Argonautas son personajes elaborados a mano en su totalidad y las colecciones son en edicion imitada. Salen en dos tipos de ellos y sus materiales son:

argonautas: Figura en resina con cuarzo, estructura metalica, algodon, cuero, base en madera o en cemento; vestidos con: sedas y yacares en paƱo, linos y algodones.

Argonuta(Busto): Figura en resina con cuarzo, base en madera, soporte de bronce.